Sunday, August 26, 2007

Emme Is Almost Finished With Her Kitchen Make-over

Emme stopped in at Michael's Arts and Crafts yesterday afternoon. She found two styles of unfinished dressers that she liked. Then she hurried over to Ben Franklin's and found a house shaped shadow box.

Emme took a shower to wash the paint out of her hair. She painted the dresser, shadow box and her table and chairs. She just has to stop to look at her new china cupboard.
Basil is supposed to be feeding the baby a snack. Obviously little Ellery isn't cooperating with his daddy.

Emme's nagging Basil to hurry. They are going to the drive-in this evening. Emme's sister, Elissa is going to watch the children so they can have some time to themselves.

Several days later...Emme has to go into work this afternoon and things are hectic. The sitter is late, she can't find her pink shoes and Riley decided she wanted to drink her milk in a pretty cup


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