Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Very Nice UPS Man Brought Sister Claus!!!!

After work this afternoon Emme picked Sister up at the airport. Sister tries to get away for a week or so before busy season starts at the North Pole.

Elissa has so many plans for Sister, Emme and herself. She wants to do some shopping, have tea at the hotel one afternoon, drive over to visit the the Sleeping Bears National Lakeshore park and climb the dunes, have a ladies only movie and popcorn evening, etcetera and so on.

All the kids are ecstatic to see Aunt Sister. They have so much fun with her. She lets them do almost anything they want. Daniel Jim is disappointed that Uncle Santa couldn't get away from work.

Basil and Matt don't want Sister to bring toys for the kids. They want the children to appreciate Sister, not the toys she has access to. Sister was up in the attic at home and found this old hand crank sewing machine. She thought to spend time with Marybeth and Marley sewing.

The kids finally settled down after dinner. They went off to play, leaving the adults to visit. As usual, Sister needs to cuddle the babies. Silly Old Hound Dog knows Sister must have a ginger bread man cookie in her pocket. She smells delicious.


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