Sunday, August 26, 2007

The New Television

The guys are fascinated with the new tv that Basil and Emme just bought. It has on screen programming. They found a fishing show. Basil and Matt are discussing whether they should go to look at a new fishing boat tomorrow.

Basil is keeping a tight grip on the remote. Emme told him that if he changed the channel one more time, she was hiding the dratted thing. Little Daniel Jim is doing male bonding with his daddy Matt and Uncle Basil.

Emme, her sisters, Sister and Elissa, and friends she loves like sisters, Esme and Tyler are talking computers, new clothes, the neighbors, kids' school clothes, new fat free recipes, new shoes.........with the ridiculous notion that the men are watching the babies.

Meanwhile, Tyler's bald headed baby girl is learning to crawl out of her little carrier. No one has noticed
Tyler really needs to pick a name for the child. She can't go off to nursery school being called Baby!

No one has noticed except for Ellery, but being a baby himself, he's cheering his little baby friend on. Silly Old Hound Dog is so patient with the babies. Emme wasn't sure a hound was the right kind of pet for her family. Now of course, she loves him.


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