Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chapter 8 Alex Scares The Men

The older kids are watching a little television, winding down from their busy first week of school.

The dishes are done, now its time for a little girl talk.

The babies are trying to figure out how to get out of the baby cage.

In storms Alex. She tosses her briefcase on the table and declares, "I want a word with your husbands!!!!"
"Esme dear," she continues "I just cannot believe that a 'business slash golf' trip can last 4 years!"
"Sister, when the big SC shows his face, he and I are goint to have a discussion about moving him into the 21st century."
"Where are the other guys?" she questions Emme, Elissa and Tyler.
Meanwhile out in Basil's shop.....

Basil is griping to the guys, " I work all day, come home to a crying baby, Riley wanting to be held and Marley practicing on that *#*!! pink guitar. Then Emme tells me she'd like me to work on some furniture out here!"

Matt comiserates, "I feel for ya man....Can't stay and help though. Elissa has a movie she want to watch tonight. She's going to make real popcorn with butter."

"I have to give my truck a tune-up," drawls Pete. "Then I need to head home to my own chores. Tyler wants me to help her with the steps she learned at dance class this week."

They hear the door bang open and slam shut.

"All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You have wonderful, good women trying to take care of your children and your homes. Then they try to carve out a little time for their careers. Do you help them?!?"
She points at Matt.
"Elissa could be a recognized specialist in Pediatrics and yet she spends three days a week scrubbing your toilets!"

Then she turns her evil glare on Pete. "And you could listen to Tyler's request that you adjust your trucking slightly so she can concentrate more on building her modeling agency."

Poking a finger into Basil's chest, she demands, "Basil, did you know Emme has a waiting list for room redecs three pages long! She has a wonderful sense of color and dimension. While you are more interested in her wonderful cooking than in her reputation as a designer!"

The outside door bangs open and slams shut

The guys don't know what to think. They thought their wives were happy.....


Blogger Yana said...

Well, it's about time someone speaks up to the women and sets the men straight! Alex rules in this exciting episode.. more power to you, girl!!!

September 8, 2007 at 9:27 PM  
Blogger ritac said...

Alex knows how to get their attention for sure....great performance!

October 13, 2007 at 11:31 PM  

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