Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22, 2012

It's that time of year again. 

Santa has been staying late at the toy shop rechecking the naughty and nice list.  It seems to him that all children should be on the nice list.  The work crew isn't happy, but he's the boss.
Sweetheart thought it would be fun to have all the relatives stay with her and Santa at the Lodge at the North Pole. 
She hadn't realized that there were plans and commitments.  She also hadn't realized what a commotion 10--TEN--ten babies would be.  Either they are crying or they are crawling.  Three are trying to make an escape from the bassinet as we speak.   The older kids tease the younger kids.  The younger kids want to use the older kids gadgets.  Santa gets everyone stirred up, then he needs to get back to work.  The poor little dog is so agitated from all the ruckus, he keeps chasing the reindeer.
Next year Sweetheart is thinking about a Caribbean Christmas with just her own small family.

The yearly office Christmas party is tonight.  Just a small get together for friends who work so well together.
There was a moment of consternation when Emme and Esme realized that they'd had the same seamstress make up new Holiday dresses for them. 
Russell and Basil found a quiet corner to catch up on ESPN while they enjoy the buffet.
Fred the contractor just doesn't feel comfortable without his tool apron.  His girlfriend, Rose, is not amused.   She's not sure that there will be a future with Fred.  She likes to dress up, dine out and dance for hours.  Fred like to pound nails.
And then there are Alex and Trent, off in their own happy world.

Over at the Community Center, the annual Christmas Pageant is being held.  The choir sings between acts to keep the audience entertained while scenery is changed behind the curtain.
Gramps has developed an interest in Grandma Endora.  The kids aren't so sure that this is a good idea. 
Jayne and DeeAnna will do anything to have some time away from crying babies.
Peggy is currently seeing Percy and he very reluctantly agreed to sing.
The Pirate and Hortencia came for the after party.
Cindy and Sam brought candy canes.
Neither Pete nor Tyler can carry a tune, so they pretend to sing.
Elissa and Matt have beautiful voices and do all of the solos.
This is nice
This is Christmas


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