Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chapter 20 A Very Busy Summer

Photos by a special cousin

Story told by a special doll

First we went to visit Cousin Emma in Columbus. She is studying at Ohio State University learning to be a doctor.

She and her husband Kyle live in a very small apartment. Kyle works from home so he is able to tend their baby.

Cousin Emma and Kyle took us to the Columbus Zoo. Riley, Rowan and Jada loved the Asian bird exhibit.

Then we went to Virginia to see our Peter. He took us to a museum where we saw a Saber tooth Tiger. Daniel Jim made growling sounds and scared the little girls.

Marybeth and I were so embarrassed by him,

but all mom said was, "Never mind girls".

A couple weeks later we went up north. We had to cross the Mackinaw Bridge to get to the Upper Peninsula. (I forgot to say, "We live in Interlochen, Michigan.") One interesting fact about the bridge is that it connects the peninsulas where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet.

Mom hates riding over the grates on the inside lane. The car jiggles and the tires make awful sounds.

We kept driving until we reached Paradise. There on the shore of Lake Superior, we watched a couple of freighters. The captains blew their air horns and it looked like the freighters would crash together. They didn't

We had to get back into the cars and drive to the boat landing on the Taquemenon River where grandpa's cabin is.

The water was so pretty. We saw some big birds and hidden in some brush along the shore, a baby fawn.

Finally Dad pulled up to shore and tied the boat to the tree.

We carried the coolers, the water, the supplies, the fishing tackle, the suitcases and the sleeping bags through the swamp and then in the clearing was grandpa's cabin.

After we got everything into the porch--Mom, Aunt Elissa, Aunt Tyler, Aunt Sweetheart, Aunt Esme and Aunt Alex begged us to go fishing.

Uncle Santa carried Scottie while Dad carried Ellery. They stayed on shore with Marybeth, Silly Old Hound Dog, Daniel Jim and our new cousin Mowgli.

I floated in the raft, but not very far out into the water because Uncle Trent tied my raft to Uncle Fred's boat.

The little girls went out in the boat with Uncle Fred. Rowan caught a whopper. Uncle Fred snapped pictures. After a while, he brought the girls back into shore because he had a headache.

Later Uncle Pete went out on the river with Uncle Russell's brother (oops, I forgot his name). Silly Old Hound Dog jumped in the water and swam out to the boat. Uncle Pete put his foot out to try to stop Silly Old Hound Dog from jumping in and shaking water all over both of them.

Uncle Matt wanted a picture of Daniel Jim with his big fish. Daniel Jim had wanted to have some marshmellows around the fire pit and maybe roast some weinies. Then he changed his mind, he wanted his fish.

Mowgli is still very shy. Uncle Trent and Aunt Alex found him one day. All he was wearing was a loincloth. He doesn't like to wear clothes very much. Sometimes he cries. Aunt Alex forgets she can't talk to him the way she talks to us. Then Mowgli hides from her.

Mom says that they just need time to get accustomed to one another.

Silly Old Hound Dog kept shaking water on Marybeth. She was ready to get a bucket and shake water on Silly Old Hound Dog.

Mowgli caught a fish but he wouldn't let Uncle Trent see it.

Mom says we have to be very patient with Mowgli, that he has "issues".


Sometimes he's as much of a brat as the other little kids.

Aunt Esme and Uncle Russell wanted to walk the trail at the back of the cabin.

Aunt Tyler's nephew, Rex, stayed with them this summer.

Mom said his parents were having "difficulties".

I don't really understand issues and difficulties, but I'm thinking that they are emotional scars left on a person's soul by almost insurmountable troubles.

The moms made us stay outside all afternoon. Every half hour or so, one would come out with more sunscreen or bug repellent. Dad didn't understand why they weren't outside enjoying the wonderful weather with us.

Uncle Santa told Aunt Sweetheart that Elfbaby Sally Rose had to stay in the cabin. That they'd never find her if she strayed out into the forest.

Jessamyn was getting a new tooth. We didn't want her to come outside with us!!

She is such a crab when a tooth is bothering her.

The cabin isn't big enough for all of us. We took turns in the old camper and in Uncle Russell's big tent.

Dad was so tired the second night at the cabin, he pulled the old yellow tub in front of the woodstove, heated water on the campstove and took a very cold bath.

It gets very dark at night up in the north woods.

The end.

Written by Marley St. John


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