Friday, April 4, 2008

Chapter 18 Alex Is In Love

Over at the Park
Ales' campaign for Mayor has kept her so busy, she and Trent often meet at the park for a quick walk after lunch.

Trent has been courting Alex with serious intentions. Alex being so shy, only allows an occasional kiss on the cheek.

Trent had taken Alex to the Police Awards Banquet. His mother and father were so taken with Alex. Every phone call since the Banquet evening, Trent's mom has asked if he's given Alex his grandmother's ring.
Over at Emme's House
The kids have new beds. Riley and Marley are all set to have a sleep-over party with all their friends.

Marybeth is planning videos, music, pizza and nail polish.

The little kids are thinking, maybe they'll be able to stay up until 8 o'clock.

Dr. Elissa is making a quick stop before she needs to go back to the hospital to meet with a patient's parents. She's had another exhausting day at work, what with stitches, x-rays, temperatures and temper tantrums.

Matt and Russell are wondering when Basil will be home from work. They want him t0 help set up their new fishing rods.

"Brenda B!!!" exclaimed Tyler. "I didn't know you were back from Spain. Did you bring pictures? What was the weather like? Did you find any fabrics for Emme?"
"I'll tell you all about Spain later. Right now I want to tell you and Elissa about a dream I had last night." Brenda B replied.

"I dreamed I was a Colonial settler. I had a long blue floral dress with this very large apron on over it and a red lacy shawl. There was snow on the ground and I was calling, "Mr. Crockett!"
I was so unsettled when the dream woke me. Like I'm searching for someone.

"Brenda B honey, Tyler and I have both had dreams like that. Mine was about visiting all the gyms in town. At the last one, I saw a blond head walking through a doorway. Several months later I happened into the gym I'd dreamed of and there was my blond man, Matt." Elissa replied with a sentimental smile.

Over at Basil's Office
After the fundraising meeting at Riley's nursery school, Emme stops in at Basil's office. Basil is feeling very cranky this afternoon.

"Emme, we have to do something about the family always being at our house. I'm sure that Matt, Russell and Pete will have some project for me this evening. I want to be able to go home and spend time with my daughters and son." Basil complained. "We either have to move to New Jersey, build on, or offend the others."
"I don't want to move. I love our house. I love my engineering business. I love our town." Basil continued. "I do not want to cause any family troubles. What are we going to do?"
Emme answered gently, "Basil, all we have to do is ask everyone to go home. They know we need family time."
"What is this drawing of, Basil?" questioned Emme.
"A grad student at Michigan State University sent it to me. He is so knowledgeable about bridge designing." Basil answered. "This Jordan's future is as plain as this print. He'll go on to design structures all over the world."
"Perhaps you should make him an offer," Emme suggested.

Up at the Lodge at the North Pole
Santa and Sweetheart are settled in for a cozy evening. Santa has his favorite show on the television.

Scotty and Elfbaby Sally Rose are snoozing on the end of the bed.

"Santa, I know you prefer the babies in their own bed, but soon they'll be too big to sleep on the end of our bed." Sweetheart murmured to Santa.
"I do know, Sweetheart dearest, Scotty and Sally Rose are growing so fast. We need to enjoy every minute with them." Santa replied.

Meanwhile back at the Park.......
Trent knelt down and asked Alex to be his and his alone for the rest of his days.
Alex of course answered, "Oh Yes! Of course I will. Oh dear, Trent--A RING!!!!"

This is where we will end this episode with
Alex' headset and her engagement ring
in the grass....


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