Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chapter 16 Alex and the Investigator

Esme and Tyler are getting dinner this evening.
Marybeth and Marley set out the dishes on the table. Marley is exasperated.

"We don't have room for the food!"

Emme isn't at her best this evening. She had a terrible day at work. Her current client wants her formal living room to have purple plaid furniture and red floral wallpaper. The client also wants lime green striped drapes!!!

Elissa also had a nerve wracking day. One of her little patients came in with a sliver in his foot. Another jumped off the top bunk and had a swollen arm. Then there was the poor little dear who was ill all over the exam room.

Dr. Elissa really prefers well child visits.

"Guys, I'm thinking we need to get a fishing boat this summer. Emme and Lissie's family have that cottage on the lakeshore." Matt muses.

"Wonder what we're having for dinner?"
Pete, who doesn't like the water, interjects.

Meanwhile down at the Municipal Building, where Alex' office is located.....

"Hello Alex." Trent politely murmurs in his precise tones.

"This isn't a social visit. I'm here at the Municipal Building looking into some allegations of money missing from the library fund."

"Please sit Trent" Alex invites. "Here let me take my latest
batch of campaign posters."

"The printer just delivered more. I'm trying to saturate the city with
my face." Alex smiles.

"What is that architectural drawing over there on the wall?" Trent questions.

"A local builder is planning a small development on the south side of town. He envisions small groupings of three or four homes scattered over the former site of the furniture factory." Alex answers quickly.

"I have to admit I have a list of concerns. The possibility of soil and ground water contamination lead my list. Followed by the builder's request that the city help finance his development. And that neighborhood homes won't fit into an industrial area. Trent, I have a bad feeling about
this." Alex admits to Trent.

Trent looks concerned. "Alex, I agree this doesn't seem the ideal spot to build a residential area. I'll ask around and see what I can find out about the builder."

"Back to the reason I'm here today, have you noticed anyone here at the Municipal Building who has had a financial change?" Trent inquires of Alex.

Up at the North Pole the Clauses are settling in for a long winter's night.

It is almost time for Santa and Elfbaby Sally Rose' favorite show.
'The Barbie and Ken Comedy Hour'

When Ken is silly, Sally Rose laughs and laughs.
Santa loves listening to Barbie sing.

Back at Emme's house, everyone has sat down to dinner.

Everyone that is except Esme and Tyler.

"Emme!" Basil states sternly.
"We have to do something about the size of this table!"


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