Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chapter 9 Confusion

The guys have had heavy hearts this past week. They don't want to think that Alex might have been right. That the women were very disappointed in them.

Basil has spent hours in his shop working on the furniture that Emme wants him to finish.
He'd do anything to make Emme happy.

Matt has been helping the kids with their homework each evening.

Marybeth is typing her paper while Marley practices on the pink guitar. Then they'll switch. They've learned to tag team their homework.

Riley, Rowan and Jada are drawing in their journals. Daniel Jim found an old book of his Daddy Matt's to read.
Matt has known since the moment he met Elissa, that she is the joy in his life.

Pete has been feeding the babies, then giving them their baths. The first evening it was rather dicey.

The babies are so slippery....They splash and laugh and try to eat the soap. Then when Pete tries to wash the strained vegetables out of their hair, they cry hysterically.
Pete soldiers on though. He is so proud of Tyler and wants her always to be glad she's married to him.

Basil has really improved his cooking repertoire. Tonight he's making hot dogs, chips and a pan of brownies from the deli. He never realized how exhausting cooking could be.

Elissa's day at the pediatric clinic was so hectic. Two ear infections, an upset tummy, a bee sting, a dozen immunizations and on and on.....She needs to prop her feet up.
Esme had an equally busy day teaching at the nursery school. There was an accident at the paint easel. There was an accident at the water table. There was an accident and the gerbil escaped his cage. She needs to sit for awhile and calm her nerves.

Tyler always looks perfect. But her day was also long and frustrating. One model gained 7 pounds over the summer. Another model dyed her hair. The third one to come into her office wanted to take an extended vacation. Then there were problems with the photographers. And finally, her computer crashed.
Sister had a wonderful day! She always takes time to shop when she visits Emme and Elissa.
Sister is emptying her bags for Tyler. A bright yellow lantern for Santa, a teddy bear for the new Elf baby, a bright pink plastic tote, the cutest lavender camera, a gag gift for Goofy Elf and the new doll collecting book she's been wanting.

Emme has had a bear of a day. The upholsterer put the wrong fabric on the settee. One of the assistants spilled coffee on a newly finished set of drapes. Another assistant ordered the wrong carpet for the house Emme wanted to finish this week.
She just wanted to come home and make hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, some homemade applesauce and maybe pull a pie from the freezer.
Then she comes home to find Basil cooking a miserable dinner for the 6th night in a row. Pete splashing water all over her kitchen. And Matt attempting to help the kids with their homework.
All she wants to know is why? Why are the men acting so strangely? Why are they making such a mess of her finely organized home? And why does Basil keep making them eat hot dogs?
Alex walks in, "Looks like my talk with the guys did some good! I was hoping they'd come around. Now you ladies have no excuses for not putting all your energies into your careers!!!!"


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