Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chapter 11 DADDY'S HOME!!!!!

Esme gently woke Jada and Jessamyn. They heard their daddy's rumbling voice down in the kitchen. "DADDY'S HOME!!!" Jada screams. They've missed him so much. He's been gone on a very, very long business/golf trip.

"Russell John," Esme murmurs sweetly. "This was your last business/golf trip. From now on, you'll be home for dinner every evening."

"Babe," (Russell John calls Esme babe). "The problems in Cincinnati are all worked out. I won't need to go out of town for a long, long time."


Alex stops by to tell her friends the latest news. She's been offered the opportunity to run for Mayor. Alex really loves her job as a municipal planner. She's not sure that she is tactful enough to be a politician. Esme agrees with her. The other ladies choke back laughter. Alex is not amused.

Up in the living room, Daniel Jim, Riley and Rowan are climbing on Uncle Russell John. They love listening to his low rumbly laugh. Jada is feeling so sad and angry. She wants a hug from her dad.

Up in the kids' room, Jada is still feeling sad and mean. Jessamyn and Ellery want to do stickers with the big kids. Aunt Diane set the stickers to Jada, Riley, Rowan and Daniel Jim. Not to babies.

Since they won't stop crying......Jada gives them happy faces.

"Mom, you need to come up and see what those kids have done
now!" exclaims Marley.
"Where is your father?" Emme questions Marley. "I thought he said he'd keep an eye on the little ones."
"Mother! He's discussing golf courses with Uncle Russell John."


Blogger ritac said...

You are a great story teller! Have you ever written a book? You should! You have the talent.

October 13, 2007 at 11:10 PM  

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