Monday, September 24, 2007

Chapter 10 What To Do About Alex

Evening had settled at the St. John household. The children were in bed. The little ones asleep.

Riley, Rowan and Jada in the little bed.

Jessamyn and Ellery in the crib.

Daniel Jim and Silly Old Hound dog on the floor.

Marybeth and Marley were making plans for a Saturday shopping trip to the craft store with Aunt Sister.
Meanwhile out in Basil's shop.......

Pete looks at Basil and says, "You really are taking to lace aren't you?"

"Worn the darn apron so much lately, I forget I have it on," Basil sadly answered.

"I tried to talk to some of the guys at work. None of them wanted a blind date with Alex. I tried to mention all of her good qualities, they kept asking, 'What's wrong with her?' " Pete grumbles.
"The same happened at the dispatcher's office." muttered Pete.
Basil griped, " I just want to come home to a happy wife and a nice meal. Is that too much to ask for?"

Tyler, Esme, Sister, Elissa and Emme were wondering why Alex had thought they needed help managing their lives.

Esme said, " I love her dearly, but sometimes Alex transfers her needs to other people. I've been hesitant to tell her about my graduate classes. If she were to find out I'm studying toward a PhD in Early Childhood Education, she'd be wanting me to start my own school. When Jessie is ready for kindergarten, I hope to find a position as a Preschool Director. Not take the leap to my own school until I'm sure that our family can handle the demands on my time.

Tyler answered, "Her heart is in the right place. She wanted to make our lives better. Being single she doesn't realize how much we want to be with our families. Like Esme, I plan to focus more on design work when Baby is old enough for school. The work involved in designing along with meeting the needs of school age children will be a huge endeavor."

Sister agreed, "Santa and I don't have children, but we think of the Elves as our family. My days are spent racing from one need to the next. My little run-about sleigh is a life saver, between running the children Elves to Elf school, visiting with the shut-in Elves, helping Dr. Elf with his prenatal Elf visits and filling in on the production lines. Its all I can do to keep track of where I am and what I'm going to do next!"

Elissa has been looking around the room at the others. "I feel so grateful that I had all of you to help me when I was a Resident at the hospital the year Marybeth was born. Matt and I don't know how we would have managed those long shifts, without the four of you to help nurture Marybeth. I always knew she was safe and loved. When we were expecting Jim Dandy, I just couldn't be apart from him the way I had to be when Marybeth was a baby. In three years I plan to work full time again. But for now this is best for us."

Emme replied, "You needn't feel grateful. We all loved having Marybeth. She and Marley were like a couple of puppies, wriggling and laughing. I agree our lives are a compromise about what's best for our families and for ourselves. Now how do we make Alex understand this?"
"A handsome prince" Tyler giggled.
"A young, manly assistant" Esme smiled.
"A Caribbean Cruise" Elissa laughed
"Well," Emme chuckled " I'm voting for the young, manly assistant, who is actually a handsome prince, taking Alex on a Caribbean Cruise!!"


Blogger ritac said...

And I agree with Emme....a great ending to a great story!

October 13, 2007 at 11:17 PM  
Blogger ritac said... AMAZE me! You are a great story teller! And those props! WOW! Where do you get all your props?? Your settings look so real! Another fantastic job! My congratulations to you!

December 16, 2007 at 10:31 PM  

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