Monday, September 24, 2007

Chapter 4 The Tammy Convention

The Online Tammy Convention will be held Friday and Saturday,
September 28 and 29.
The web address is :
Pepper is so excited! The 2007 Online Tammy Convention is this weekend. She found her outfit from the 2005 convention and it still fits!!

Patti thinks Pepper looks beautiful. Maybe her mom will let her go to the convention with Pepper.

Grandma's not sure about the length of her dress. She's worried someone might see her varicose veins and cellulite.

"Mo-therrrr...." Mom sighs, "You look so pretty. I can't see any veins or lumps."

Grandma finally gives in about the dress.

Tammy comes downstairs in the dress she's chosen.

Mom, Pepper and Grandma are all wearing shades of turquoise. But Tammy has on a black floral sheath.
Pepper wonders, "Why doesn't Tammy want to match the rest of us?"

Grandpa is looking forward to the weekend. He's thinking the Tammy Convention is women's chatter and he can have a restful couple days watching football games with the boys. They may even take the little boys to the ball field and play some touch football.
At least that is what he's hoping.

Grandma wanted a picture of the two of them to send in for the customized Tammy page. When she starts talking about taking his suit to the cleaners--he knows his restful football weekend is out.


Blogger ritac said...

I love all of your dolls...especially in the family groups. What an imagination you's to be envied! :o)

October 13, 2007 at 11:20 PM  

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