Saturday, November 3, 2007

Chapter 14 Sister's Surprise

Basil, Matt, Russ and Pete were enjoying a cup of coffee while they retold their favorite stories from deer camp.

The rest of the family was relaxing in the living room.

Daniel Jim and Silly Old Hound Dog were seeing eye to eye.

Baby was practicing her crawling.

And Sister was feeling sad. She and Santa had hoped to add to their family, but it just hadn't happened for them. Santa would be a wonderful father. And Sister wanted to have an exuberant household like her sisters and friends have.

Out on the lawn there arose such a clatter when the reindeer accidentally knocked over the fall decorations.

Santa retrieved a basket from the sleigh and headed in the back door to the kitchen.

"Santa! We didn't know you were coming!" Russ rumbled.

"Hey man, what's in your basket?" Matt questioned.

"It's a little surprise for Sweetheart." Santa answered.

(Santa calls Sister, Sweetheart.)

"Sweetheart, Look what was on our doorstep this morning!" Santa exclaimed, handing the basket to Sister.

"Oh Santa, he's beautiful.....Those big blue eyes and his soft, fuzzy red hair." Sister breathlessly questioned. "Do we know who he belongs to?"
"There was a note in the basket with him. He is our son now, to love and to raise." Santa reassured his Sweetheart.
"I think I'm going to cry!" wailed Emme.
"Can we hold him Aunt Sister?" begged little Riley.
"Little girl, let Aunt Sister hold the baby, she's been waiting so long for him," Emme gently explained to Riley.

With all the excitement over the new baby, it was a perfect time for Ellery to take his shoes off.

It was also a perfect time for Baby to practice standing up.

"RRoof, Roof!" barked Silly Old Hound Dog, who thought an adult should be watching Baby.

Marybeth is calling Grandma.

Marley is calling Alex.

Silly Old Hound Dog is thinking how tasty little Ellery's shoe would be. Maybe the people won't squirt him with the spray bottle.

Sister still isn't ready to let anyone else hold the baby. But everyone understands. There will be plenty of time to hold the little dumpling before he's ready to leave for college.

Santa is telling the guys about the new breed of black reindeer he's using. They have excellent endurance.

It's time for Sister, Santa and the baby to head back to the
Lodge at the North Pole.

Santa is only pretending to be calm and collected. He's as excited as Sister. Now if only he can get the reins untangled.
Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,
I'm not able to care for my baby. Please love him
and raise him to be a fine Claus. Knowing my baby
is safe, I will be able to travel to another land and
make a new life for myself.
Thank you sincerely,
A loving friend
P.S The baby's name is Scotty
P.P.S. He cries when his diaper is wet.
P.P.P.S. When I sing 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer' he
wiggles and kicks his feet.


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