Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chapter 15 Changes

Part 1

When we last visited with Emme's family, Santa had found little Scotty on the porch step of the Lodge at the North Pole. The next morning he walked out the front door and found another basket! There was a note asking Santa and Mrs. Claus to watch over Elfbaby Sally Rose.

Dear little Scotty is not sleeping well. His little tummy hurts him. Sweetheart hopes he feels better soon, since he's almost out of t-shirts and diapers.

Elfbaby Sally Rose thought that since Mom, Dad and Scotty were awake, she should get up and play too. The Clauses think Sally Rose is about the size Elfbabies are at 9 months. Santa calls her his little Pipsqueak.

Poor Santa, he's so exhausted from all the overtime he has to put in to be ready for Christmas Eve. Checking his list, counting the toys, training the reindeer, staying late to drink hot cocoa with the Elves.....

And besides all that, Emme and Basil went away for the weekend and left Silly Old Hound Dog with them. The zany dog loves to climb into the babies' basket to nap.

Part 2

"Oh Santa!" Sweetheart wailed. "I wranpped Sally rose in a towel after her bath and turned to reach for her diaper and now I can't find her."

"Sweetheart, honey," Santa replied gently. "Did you look in the tree. You know how our Pipsqueak loves to climb."

"There you are my little darling," Sweetheart crooned.

"Scotty, son, don't pull daddy's beard." remonstrated Santa.

The guys are watching a game tonight, Sweetheart. I'll get the reindeer harnessed, while you get Sally Rose ready to go. We'll probably spend the night, so pack an overnight bag." Santa called on his way out to the reindeer barn.

At Emme's house, the kids are cozy and ready for bed.

Marley and Marybeth are fixing each other's hair.

The little kids are discussing what Uncle Santa will bring them Christmas morning. Daniel Jim wants some more airplanes so he can play airport. Riley wants a new Barbie house. Jada has hopes for some new markers. While Rowan is wishing for a jump rope.

"Hey guys!" Santa bellows. "Did I miss any of the game?"

"Nope, we've been watching a little of this fishing show while we wait," Russell John rumbles.

"Santa, this is Trent. I met him at the gym. He is a detective working with fraud cases." Basil calls to Santa.

"Good evening Santa, I'm glad to meet you." Trent responds in his precise British tones.

"I still don't understand why the girls took our chips away. We only spilled a few on the floor." Matt griped.

"Who has the remote?" Basil hollers. "It's almost time for the game."

Meanwhile the ladies are holding babies and having tea and cake down in the kitchen.

"We need another baby for you to hold, Alex." Emme murmurs gently so as not to disturb Scotty. "Alex, later we'll go upstairs so you can meet Basil's friend."

Alex looks very disgruntled. She hates to be set up by her well-meaning, happily married friends.

She prefers to find her own men.


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