Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chapter 17 A Slumber Party

Trent stopped in at Alex' office to let her know that the investigation at the Municipal Building has been closed. The Deputy Treasurer had embezzled the Library funds.

"Alex, at the end of the month there will be an awards banquet for the City Police Department. There will be dinner, a short presentation of awards and following the presentation, dancing." Trent spoke nervously. "I was wondering if you'd care to attend as my guest?"

"Before you answer Alex, you should know that my parents will also be attending. My father will be receiving a plaque recognizing his 40 years of service to the Department." Trent continued.

"You must be so proud of your Dad. Of course I will attend with you!" Alex accepted

The ladies are having a slumber party with all the children this evening. Sister/Sweetheart flew down from the Lodge at the North Pole with Baby Scotty and Elfbaby Sally Rose. Elissa brought Marybeth and Daniel Jim. Tyler packed up Rowan and Baby.

Emme stopped at the store on her way home from work and picked up popcorn, a vegetable tray, a big bag of oranges, a gallon of chocolate milk and for the ladies after the little ones go to sleep, a big bag of dark chocolates.

"Marley and Marybeth, I picked up that movie you've been wanting to see." Emme spoke quietly because Ellery was winding down. "You need to wait until after the little kids are in bed to start the dvd.

Finally the little children were sleepy.

Riley is wondering when Mom and Dad will get bunk beds for her. Then she would be able to roll over......."sigh"

"Mom" Marley asks with a grin. "Which television should we play the movie on?"

"Ladies, sometime Basil does things that we just don't understand. He bought a second TV so that he and the guys could watch two games at the same time." Emme exclaimed in exasperation.

Meanwhile up at the cabin...

The guys needed to make a quick trip to shovel snow off the roof.

"Every winter the snow up here surprises me." Matt chattered on. "We don't get anywhere near this much snow at home. We really need to get some snowmobiles for the trip in from the main road." He rambled on. "Even a plow truck wouldn't get through the drifts on the road in."

We should get a picture of us on the roof, like the one of your grandfather. And add a new one every winter." Matt continued.

"Trent," Basil spoke. "You must not have understood about the cabin. We leave the ties and dress shoes home. We eat the foods the women won't let us have. We play cards. We act uncivilized!"
Back at Home

"I'm sorry girls, the movie is going to have to wait. I need help." Alex interrupted.

"Trent has invited me to go with him to a Police awards banquet. HIS PARENTS ARE GOING TO BE THERE!!"

"I found these dresses at the resale shop."

"And then at the fabric shop, there were some pretty choices."

"What am I going to do?" Alex wailed.

"First Alex, let us see how you look in the dresses." Tyler comforted Alex.

"Oh Alex!" Esme breathed. "That style is so becoming to your pretty shoulders and your very tiny waist."

"Alex." Elissa instructed. "Take off your headset. You cannot go on your first date with Trent with your phone on your head."

"I like that simple sheathe style on Alex. Don't you Emme?" Sister/Sweetheart asked her sister.

Alex is so confused. She wants to look beautiful for Trent. But she also wants to look respectable for his parents.


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