Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tammy Chapter 6 The Flu Bug

Dad is not sure he will ever be able to get up again. Mom keeps telling him not to jiggle the bed.....

Tammy had to leave work early. Grandma got as far as Pepper's bed, then she needed to lay down.

Ted is being a baby, Mel told him that if he loses his dinner over the side of the bed, there will be trouble.

The only ones in the family feeling well are grandpa and the little kids.

Mom is concerned. When she gets the energy, she's going to call next door and see if the little ones could go over there for a while.

Pepper and Patti are deciding what to make for dinner. They can't decide between a roast, baked potatoes, peas and a gelatin salad or toast.

Mom told them not to touch the range so they are thinking it will have to be toast.

Pete and Salty let the dog on the table.........


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