Friday, August 29, 2008

The UPS Man Gave Davy a Ride!!!

"Mr. Crockett!! You said you'd be home by April. Today is the 27th of August!!!" Mrs. Crockett (Brenda the Beauteous) shouted.

"Mrs. Crockett, I heard about a rock out in New Mexico and meandered out that way to take a look." Davy drawled as he sauntered closer to his beauty.

"Don't you come any closer. You smell worse than a greased pig." Mrs. Crockett ordered. "Did you notice our little one come while you were away?" she demanded.

"Yes Mrs. Crockett, I did spy a little one over by the bank. It is a filly or a colt?" Davy replied.

"Mr. Crockett!!!!"

Brenda the Beauteous is truly excited to have Davy home with her now.


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