Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chapter 19 A New Life


"Trent, I don't know why I even got involved in the mayoral campaign. I should have known better." Alex griped to Trent.

"Darling, your total was only 23 votes less than the new mayor's. To my thinking, you had an excellent first campaign." Trent reasoned.

"I hated going to afternoon teas, Library Friends meetings, PTA meetings, and book club meetings. I....AM....SO....TIRED....OF....BEING....NICE!!!" Alex seethed. "It is too hard to think before I speak. Too hard to murmur politely about a brand of tea. Too hard to worry about whether the children should have apples or bananas for snacks. Too hard to follow a convoluted story line, when I really want to be talking about how to improve our city."

"Alex, whether you run for office again, or decide to make changes in other ways, you will make a huge difference in the lives of people around you." Trent affirms to Alex.


"Children, it is time to dress for Alex and Trent's wedding." Emme calls out as she enters the attic nursery.

"Sally Rose!! What are you doing?" Emme scolds the Elfbaby.

"Ma, She won't stay where we put her. She was on top of the wardrobe a couple minutes ago." Marley responds.

"Aunt Emme, have you noticed how big Scotty is getting. He fills Baby's travel bed now." Marybeth calls to her aunt.

"We get to be flower girls!" Rowan screeched to Jada and Riley.

"Ah huh, Aunt Alex told me that we'd have roses to wear on our arms!" Jada calls out.

"This is going to be so fun--but what is a wedding?" Riley ponders. "We have to look nice for Aunt Alex. We have to wear roses on our arms for Aunt Alex. We have to be very good for Aunt Alex. No one tells us why!" Riley exclaims.

"Aunt Emme, I don't want to be bare." Daniel Jim sobs.

"Oh, sweetie pie, the word is bearer. It means that you are going to carry the rings for Aunt Alex and Uncle Trent." Emme tries to calm Daniel Jim. "You have a new suit to wear. Dan hon, you are going to be so handsome." Emme smiled.


The guys had spent a busy morning hauling chairs and getting everything set up at the park.

"They need to get this show on the road before the rain starts." Russell grumbles.

"The weather will be fine." Sweetheart answers Russell. Her nerves are still agitated from a morning of getting her family ready for the wedding. Santa wouldn't wear a tie. He insisted on a top hat to hide the bald spot on his crown. Sally Rose kept hiding from her. And Scotty spit up on almost every article of clothing he has.

"Think this shindig will be over before the game starts?" Pete questions Matt.

"I have a battery operated television in the back of the truck. Lissa doesn't know I brought it." Matt answers in an undertone.

"Trent has to get to the airport before 5, so we shouldn't miss the start of the game." Basil replies softly. "The ladies need time for a good cry, but we should still be home and in comfy clothes well before the tip-off."

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The ladies hiss in unison.

Trent, the three flowergirls and the ring bearer are all in place.

"Oooooooh, Aunt Alex is beautiful!" Jada whispers to Rowan and Riley.

"Uncle Trent, I need to go to the potty," Daniel Jim pleads with Trent.
"Alright boy, but we have to hurry." Trent rushes off carrying Daniel Jim.

"The girls are beautiful Emme and Elissa," whispers Tyler. "I love the prints that Alex chose the the dresses."

"Psst, Marley slow down." Marybeth hisses to her cousin. " I can't keep up."

"I forgot to fill my purse with tissues," Esme murmurs to Sweetheart.

Alex is counting her steps under her breath. She didn't realize that getting married would be so nerve-wracking. She thinks she has everything. Her 'something old' is the ring pillow. Her 'something new' are her sparkly silver heels. Her 'something borrowed' are the veil and bouquet. Her something blue are her sash and her garter.

"Alex, you are so beautiful." Trent mouthed

"Oh Trent," Alex sighed

"Thank God that is over." Trent muttered.

"Trent, it was a touching ceremony," Alex scolds her new husband.

"The table looks so pretty. I hope the photographer is getting plenty of pictures." Alex chattered on.

"Please join us in dining on some refreshments!" Trent called to the guests.

"Are you ready for a quick dip before dinner?" Trent asks Alex.

"Alex......WHAT IS THAT?" Trent interrogates his new bride.

"You mean my piercing?" Esme dared me to get it a couple years ago. Then she didn't get one, because she was pregnant." Alex answered rolling her eyes.

"Did you see that they brought refreshments up for us. I love this Inn. The vintage pillows on the bed, the woodstove in the corner, the cabin chair. It is so wonderful here, isn't it dearest?" Alex continued.

"Let's go down to the lakefront and test the waters." Trent answered.

The newlyweds spent a wonderful two weeks at the Inn before returning home to find their new lives.


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