Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chapter 21 The Christmas Party

The family Christmas party.

Santa and Sweetheart always hosted the family Christmas party the Saturday after Christmas Day. Santa was always so rushed those last few days before Christmas, that he and Sweetheart decided several Christmases back to hold their own festivities after the rush was over.

Sweetheart was so excited about finally having children, she made matching outfits for her whole family. She even made Santa hats for the little ones.

Elfbaby Sally Rose had been climbing, running and even bouncing off the furniture. Little Scotty was starting to chew on fingers, so maybe he would soon have a tooth.

Over at Emme's house, the children's anticipation grew.

Jada and Rowan put some Santa hats that they had found in the closet, on Jessamyn and Ellery

Daniel Jim was telling extra-ordinary stories about what Santa would give him at the party. Riley had no idea why anyone would want Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs.

Since we last saw the family, Mowgli had become very attached to his Mommy Alex. He often stood leaning against her legs. All the other moms thought it a very touching sight.

The guys were sitting very uncomfortably watching ESPN.

Trent was keeping Baby content. The little ones like to watch his mustache wiggle while he talks.

Fred had been ribbing Rex constantly since he had seen the sweater that Tyler was making the boy wear.

Rex was not amused.

The ladies had finished packing the dishes, food and drinks.

The Sportsman's Club was the ideal place for a large family gathering.

Santa had brought a couple of the young reindeer to the party for the children to enjoy. Daniel Jim couldn't resist getting on the back of Blizzard.

The mom's all wanted pictures of the little ones with a reindeer. Marley, Marybeth and Rex decided that they were too old to be pictured on the back of a small deer.

Over in the game room, the menfolk were trashing each other over the pool table.

Only Mowgli noticed that Ellery and Jessamyn were ready to open presents.......


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