Friday, January 30, 2009

Chapter 22 Alex' Interesting Condition

Emme was out running errands and stopped by Basil's office.
Fred, the contractor, had some questions for Basil about the house that they were building.

Emme and Janiedear were having a quiet conversation bout baby showers and cake flavors.

Riley was lonely and wanted Fred to pick her up, but he had his tool belt on. Riley thought about having a temper tantrum.

It was close to bedtime at the Lodge at the North Pole.

Sweetheart was making up bottles and snacks.

Santa was trying to keep two slippery babies in the washtub.
Over at Emme's house, the guys were becoming excited about the Superbowl.

Pete and Matt were debating which team had an edge over the other.

Little Mowgli was feeling anxious and clingy. Trent had been pacing the floor for days. Every so often, he'd pull out his calculator and run some more figures.

Up in the kids' room, Rowan and Jada were playing with their Trolls.

Daniel Jim had to play Star Trek all by his lonesome. He wished Mowgli would come upstairs to play.
Marley and Marybeth were having trouble with the story they were doing for school. They can't figure out how to get the wild horse out of the canyon. Marybeth does her best thinking when she stares at the ceiling.
But stretched out on Emme's bed with Dr. Elissa and her nurse was a very expectant Alex.
Dr. Elissa had advised Alex to stop working a month ago. Very reluctantly, she turned her work over to her assistant and temporarily left the busy world of municipal planning.
Esme and Tyler worried constantly about Alex. Neither of them had gotten quite so big with their pregnancies.
Dr. Elissa gave Alex a thorough check-up. Then re-assured the other ladies that Alex still had some time before the baby came.
To Be Continued.........


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