Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chapter 23, Mowgli's New Friend

Another beautiful day in the northland....

The dolls have been trying to get together more frequently. The families have grown so, that they have to gather again at the Sportsmans' Club. It is becoming quite a tight fit.

Alex learned from her doctor today, that she has at least three more months to go. And Matt with his usual tact said, "I'm not getting in arms reach of her!"
Trent had to stop at a plus-sized maternity shop on the way to the party. Alex found one robe that fit her. She is so uncomfortable.
Trent hasn't slept all night in weeks. He wakes, grabs his calculator and mutters under his breath. Alex has to get up on her hands and knees to turn over in bed. Little Mowgli must be forgiven for telling his mom that sometimes she looks like a turtle on it's back.
Dr. Elissa brought her bag. She has some very major concerns for Alex. She's kept her blood pressure cuff fastened to Alex' upper arm for days.
Janiedear has her own concerns. Russell's brother has been calling, sending flowers, dropping by unannounced and sitting awfully close. Janiedear isn't very interested and Russell's brother isn't getting the hint.

Contractor Fred is always prepared for everything, which was fortunate. The old deer mount had fallen off the wall, but he got it fixed good as new.

Elfbaby Sally Rose is on her favorite perch, up on her daddy's shoulder peeking through his beard.
Scotty and Baby have plenty to say to one another.

The other kids are watching a video in the corner. They've saved a pillow for Mowgli, but he is worried about his mom.
Trent's been very concerned about Mowgli. He and Alex have tried to talk to Mowgli, telling him that he is their first child, that they love him more than anything and that he will love being a big brother. Mowgli still crawls into bed with them at night.
Several days later....

Janiedear was at a college friend's housewarming party and met an oil man from Texas.
Lee has swept Janiedear off her feet with invitations for dinner and dancing, horseback riding and target shooting. He's even invited her to visit his ranch.....

At Emme's house.....
The ladies are having a playdate at Emme's house. Marley, Marybeth and Rex are at school.
Sweetheart wants to start planning a baby shower for Alex.
"Alex hardly has all that she needs for Mowgli. Now she needs to set up a nursery. As full as Alex looks, we don't have much time to plan a shower!"

Over at the park....

Alex is cold. She tells Trent, " The only maternity clothes that fit me look like the little dresses that Jessamyn wears. Emme was so kind to loan me a jacket, but it doesn't close! I don't want to go through another two and a half months of this!!!"

Just then Mowgli spotted a Sheltie pup lying in the snow by a bush. "Hi boy! Why are you sleeping in the snow? Don't you have a boy to care for you?"

"Dad, can we keep him?" Mowgli shouted with excitement.
"Look at him, Trent," Alex whispered.

"Daddy, we need a good dog. Look how nice he is. Mom won't have to buy a dog bed. Goldboy can sleep with me!"
"Alright son," Trent smiled. "I do believe we are going to need a herding dog soon, son."
"TRENT!" Alex frowned.
to be continued...