Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Changes Part 2

More Changes
(Emme also made some changes in the living room.  A new deep brown leather sectional, a blue plaid couch, a green woven area rug and a new wallcovering.)
DeeAnna and Jayne are getting by on absolutely no sleep.  Little Jayne Cobb V is nine months and one week older than Sam and Callie, his baby brother and sister.
Peggy, DeeAnna's younger sister, has been stopping by quite often to lend a hand.  At least that's what she tells DeeAnna. 

Mostly, though, she visits with the guys.  Malcolm, Perseus and Jonas are trying to make an impression, but Trent's brother Travis seems to be Peggy's favorite.
Peggy is a weather person at the t.v. station.  Her mornings are free, so Peggy is able to spend time with her sister.
Over at the offices, Alex is wishing that when she and Basil decided to share an office block, that they'd partitioned off the areas. 
Trent is getting so angry.  His and Alex' new house isn't close to being finished and Basil is designing a home for Russell and Esme.  Trent and Alex more crowded than usual.  Mowgli, Max, Martin, Grandma Effie and now Travis recovering from his ankle re-attachment.   Trent would love to be able to take a shower without one or more of the kids, Alex doing her make-up and Grandma Effie banging on the door demanding that they HURRY!!!
"Basil and Fred, we'd like to look through some of your house plans.  We know that you don't have the time right now to build a house for us.  Alex and Trent are desperate for more space, so you need to finish their house before you think about one for us."  Esme related to the guy.

Changes Part 1

There have been some changes in the Dollhouse.  Lee and Janiedear met and asked Ron to be part of their family.  DeeAnna and Jayne have three children already.  People have moved in while others have relocated.

Emme has done some updating around the house.  In the nursery, she's changed the wall covering to a calming blue floral and added a red rug.  Now she's contemplating new lamps, the dresser situation and new bedding.  She just can't decide whether to paint the dressers, yellow, green, or navy.   hmmm
Riley is too busy with her Barbie house to fret about paint colors.   Though she does find the new rug very comfy.
Rowan is too busy thinking deep thoughts with Goldie to be concerned about new lamps.  She also finds the new rug a comfort.

Jessamyn and Ellery have animal sounds to learn and can not be bothered with the thought of different dressers.  Both kids do like the pretty blue flowers on the walls.

Baby just wants to perfect her crawling techniques.  She sleeps where the adults make her sleep, eats where the adults make her eat, plays where the adults make her play, so restyling the nursery is not a concern.

Ron could not care less are furniture.  He's just happy to be able to eat as much as he'd like.  Daniel Jim wants to be like Ron, so he doesn't care about furniture either.
Mandy, Mary Jane and Marley have many, many ideas about changes they'd like to make.  Loft bunks, big screen t.v., an in suite bathroom..... the little kids moved to another room.  The three girls spent hours and hours looking through wallpaper books before they came to an agreement.
Gramps has been feeling under the weather, so he came to stay for a couple weeks.  Usually he is a much dapper dresser.   He shakes his head at how many toys these children have.
Jada patiently tries to get Gramps' attention.  She wants to sit on his lap and snuggle against his beard.

End of Part 1