Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chapter 24 The Girls Give Alex A Baby Shower

The girls planned a surprise showere for Alex. Grandma Effie, Alex' mother came. ; Grandma Endora came and brought Sweetheart, Emme and Elissa's little sister Hortencia.

Poor Alex is getting so uncomfortable. She put on a pleased face, but her back was aching terribly.

Brenda the Beauteous is laughing. " I can't believe we picked so many doubles. There are matching sleepers, kimonos, sweater sets and blankets!"

Janiedear turned and whispered to Emilie, "Alex will need help taking the extra baby outfits back to the Baby Boutique."

Hortencia isn't the cheerful, happy person that her sisters are. She isn't pleased about having to play baby bingo and drink sweet, sweet punch.

Basil's mom is in a mood.

Marybeth can feel a little foot poking at Alex' tummy. Alex' assistant, Jadde wrote the gift list. She plans to get the Thank You cards printed and the envelopes addressed for Alex.

Meanwhile Up In The Attic Rec Room

Fred discovered that Scotty needed a change. Gramps told him to turn Scotty so that if the fountain should go off, the flow would go onto the floor. Fred is scratching his head over that one. "What fountain?"

Russell's brother calls over to Fred. "Little Ellery needs a change too!"

"I thought we were having guy time." Davy griped.

Lee asked. "I thought Basil finished the pole barn for a men's place. Not for hen parties." He was sighing in disgust.

Rex is having a great time. The uncles haven't realized he's eating a whole pizza.

Little Mowgli can't quite get past the thought that something awful is going to happen.

Daniel Jim, Rowan, Jada and Riley talked Lee into taking them for a horse ride.

Daniel Jim calls Lee's horse Flash. Because the horsey moves like lightening.

Later That Evening

Trent has fallen asleep. Alex is leaning back on the cushions trying to get comfortable.

Mowgli is tired, but he's fretting and Alex is trying to comfort him.

Daniel Jim is trying to wake Uncle Trent by tickling his belly.

Sally Rose loves being tucked into the pocket of Grandma Effie's apron. Grandma Effie loves being a grandma....

Grandma Endora is chatting with Marybeth, Marley and Lyra about school. She brought her knitting to keep her hands busy.

But Scarlett, as she prefers to be called, would prefter that sticky children stay completely away from her.

"OH NO!!" cried Alex.

"We're having a BABY!!" Grandma Effie squeals.

"Wake up, Dad! Mommy wet her pants" Mowgli said to his sleeping father.

"What! Is there time to boil water? What about cigars. I haven't got cigars!" Trent hollered as he scrambled up off the couch.

"I'll get the towells." Trent called as he ran in the bathroom.

Dr. Elissa and her nurse have Alex comfortable in bed by the time Trent comes in with the towels

A Short Time Later

Alex delivered quickly.

Trent smiles, "Can we tell the others that we are having two babies now?"

Mowgli seeing his new baby brothers, said, "We could have used this bed for Goldboy. Why do we needs new kids?"

The baby shower turned into a welcoming party for the new baby boys.