Friday, August 29, 2008

The UPS Man Gave Davy a Ride!!!

"Mr. Crockett!! You said you'd be home by April. Today is the 27th of August!!!" Mrs. Crockett (Brenda the Beauteous) shouted.

"Mrs. Crockett, I heard about a rock out in New Mexico and meandered out that way to take a look." Davy drawled as he sauntered closer to his beauty.

"Don't you come any closer. You smell worse than a greased pig." Mrs. Crockett ordered. "Did you notice our little one come while you were away?" she demanded.

"Yes Mrs. Crockett, I did spy a little one over by the bank. It is a filly or a colt?" Davy replied.

"Mr. Crockett!!!!"

Brenda the Beauteous is truly excited to have Davy home with her now.

Bren And Kathy Sent The Dolls Presents

(The dolls were having a bad hair day. They thought it best to wear their hairnets.)

Mowgli is so excited! Grandma Bren sent him some new sneakers in the mail today.

He won't take the sneakers off even though it was a scorcher today and all the other kids are barefoot.

Marley and Marybeth are ignoring the new boy. (I think his name is Rex.)

Down in the living room, the adults are admiring Brenda the Beauteous' new baby girl.

All the adults except Pete, he wants to see how the ball game is doing and the ladies won't let him turn on ESPN.

Over at Basil's office, Basil is interviewing a new secretary. He's not so sure he can work with a secretary named Janiedear. Janiedear is not so sure she can work with so casual a boss, who seems more interested in golf and fishing than in proper business procedures.

Emme stopped in at the Lodge at the North Pole to show Sweetheart the new dress she made from fabric her friend Kathy sent. Sweetheart loved the hot pink floral print. Santa, on the other hand, is oblivious. His favorite show, The Barbie and Ken Comedy Hour, is on.

And finally....The lovebirds are still cooing.